About Us

I initially became interested in redeeming points for travel around about the time I started working. I would read tirelessly about credit card sign up bonuses, how to use frequent flyer points and discovered multiple churning communities – one of my favourite being Australian Frequent Flyer. I have learnt so much from when I started and have so far travelled to 32 countries with a significant number of those using frequent flyer points.

I founded Reward Flight out of a passion for helping other people enjoy the same things I have been enjoying. I have friends and family come to me all the time asking how to get started with points collection and how to redeem flights, or they might want to know tricks to find the cheapest flight. It’s something I genuinely enjoy when I’m able to find them a bargain and I hope to be able to help you do the same thing.

I’ve made my website as practical as possible and tried to minimise the talk of sign up bonuses because that information is quite easy to find. I want to focus on how to use your points because people often find this part so difficult. If you’re having difficulties redeeming your points. want help with an itinerary or literally anything else travel related I can help with please reach out. My website is a constant work in progress and as I learn new things I will share them here. Now enjoy some of the photos I have taken on my favourite trips.

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